• 2W Paris

    2W Paris

    2W PARIS is the brand for modern and elegant plus size women, from 46 to 60.

  • Angel Circle


    ARIANNE, a dynamic Canadian company with a global reputation, is celebrated for its high-quality and innovative designs in apparel, lingerie, and loungewear. Since its inception in 1947, ARIANNE has remained a family-run business, dedicated to crafting garments sustainably and ethically in Montreal, Canada. With an extensive distribution network spanning North America and beyond, encompassing major department stores, specialty chains, and independent boutiques, ARIANNE has become more than a clothing brand—it embodies the lifestyle of countless women. ARIANNE caters to the modern woman with trendy tops and camisoles suitable for everyday wear, perfect for mixing and matching with suits, jeans, or skirts. Additionally, they offer loungewear ensembles for well-deserved moments of relaxation, as well as sophisticated lingerie and nightwear pieces that bring out your inner allure.

  • Artex


    Artex Fashions, founded on the principles of easy-care and easy-wear, has grown into a fully coordinated women's wear lifestyle and leisure brand. They proudly offer two collections annually, 100% Canadian-made and available across Canada and the United States. Their dedicated customer base values the brand's commitment to quality, comfort, and style, ensuring effortless fashion for all seasons and all women. The creative force behind Artex, designer Diana Tersigni, brings sophistication, flair, and meticulous attention to detail to every garment, crafting a timeless wardrobe for the modern woman.

  • Aurea Vita

    Aurea Vita

    Aurea Vita, the embodiment of nature, elegance, and confidence in clothing, offers a versatile, intelligent, and extraordinary fashion experience without compromising on the core tenets of comfort and ethics. Their unwavering commitment is to provide customers with enduring, high-quality products. In the world of Aurea Vita, soft linen, luxurious silk, comfortable viscose, and crinkle cotton envelop wearers in styles ranging from romantic dresses to artsy skirts and cozy knitwear. This fashion is designed for confident women who embrace versatility, intelligence, and sensibility, without the need to prove themselves. Beyond aesthetics, Aurea Vita is driven by sustainability, utilizing only the finest natural materials, crafting inclusive sizes, embracing local craftsmanship, and adopting a made-to-order approach for genuine exclusivity—all while minimizing carbon emissions and prioritizing ethical production.

  • Base Level Curvy

    Base Level Curvy

    Base Level Curvy, an advocate of comfort, simplicity, and timeless fashion, lays the foundation for everyday dressing. With an unwavering commitment to providing value, this brand offers a thoughtfully curated collection that's not just perfectly basic but also showcases exceptional quality, fair labor practices, sensible pricing, and unwavering availability. Their assortment of enduring essentials, crafted from soft, comfortable fabrics, includes wardrobe staples like crisp white blouses, versatile little black dresses, and an array of denim pieces that effortlessly harmonize with existing wardrobes, promising enduring style. As an international brand, Base Level Curvy extends its presence across Europe, Canada, and the U.S.A., with numerous points of sale to cater to the fashion-forward and comfort-conscious.

  • Belle Italie
  • Boris


    Boris Industries, a distinguished Dutch fashion label, is celebrated for its collection of wearable and beautiful clothing. Rooted in "down to earth" principles and a commitment to quality, Boris Industries is synonymous with trendy and affordable fashion, with a particular focus on large women's sizes. Their women's fashion line spans up to size 48/50, with individual items accommodating sizes up to 52/54. Boris is notably recognized for its cozy fleece jackets, stylish tunics, chic dresses, and versatile ponchos. Their guiding motto is that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful.

  • Capri


    Capri is a British brand producing high quality, creative ranges. Capri's clothes are flattering, fun and quirky, with fluid styling and casual elegance.

  • CHC Shoes
  • Edmond Boublil

    Edmond Boublil

    EDMOND BOUBLIL's collection is chic and elegant. EDMOND BOUBLIL has true skills regarding Plus Size fashion. His collection offers cuts that shape the silhouette and beautify the curves. 

  • FA Concept
  • Franck Anna

    Franck Anna

    franck anna, a French house founded in 1977, with its workshops in the heart of Paris; offers a true fashion to the blossoming women from size 38 to 58, distinguishing itself by trendy and quality products.

    Its assets: environmentally friendly production methods, quality fabrics and sublimated shapes: such are the promises of Annabel and Franck with their clothing brand. Conception, design and manufacturing 100% French. Simplicity, spontaneity and creativity are the key words of a house where a sister and a brother work together with the same passion and the same values.

  • Fransa


    Since 1968, Fransa has been at the forefront of designing feminine fashion that resonates with women seeking both contemporary trends and exceptional quality. Fransa ensures that there's something for every occasion in their versatile collection.

  • G!ozé


    GRIZAS is synonymous with contemporary, effortless fashion infused with an artistic flair. Each meticulously crafted garment, from inception to the smallest detail, bears the hallmark of our talented design team. Our creations radiate a clean and independent image, characterized by hand-painted art prints and authentic textures. GRIZAS' style is marked by comfortable fits, unconventional layering, elongated silhouettes, and relaxed, laid-back shapes, with the aim of instilling confidence and inspiring women to feel both liberated and exceptional in their attire. At GRIZAS, fashion and self-expression know no boundaries; we design for every woman, whether she's artistic, passionate, unconventional, or nurturing, celebrating the beauty in every individual. Size and age are irrelevant in comparison to our true selves.

  • Habitat


    Habitat, a brand committed to putting its customers first, designs fashion for authentic women living real lives. They prioritize comfort, fit, and meticulous detailing to craft distinctive, contemporary styles that enhance both your body and your sense of self. With a boutique "small batch" approach, Habitat ensures that all their clothing, from tops and bottoms to special collections, exudes a personal, tailor-made touch. Their sense of community is deeply rooted in their homegrown connections, valuing the friendships formed with customers and store owners since day one. The brand's designer regards customers as friends and draws inspiration from confident, spirited women worldwide, but above all, the most significant influence in their design process remains you—the cherished, real-life customer, shaping each development decision with your needs in mind.

  • Igor Dobranic

    Igor Dobranic

    Since its establishment in 2005, IGOR has emerged as a prominent and internationally renowned fashion brand exclusively for women. With a presence spanning over 200 stores across three continents—Europe, North America, and Australia—IGOR's clothing resonates globally.

    At the heart of IGOR lies a commitment to crafting every item with precision and care, subjecting each piece to rigorous quality control. Their fabrics, thoughtfully sourced and predominantly from esteemed Italian manufacturers, stand as a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence. These materials are not only elegant, subtle, and timeless but also imbued with integrity and inspired by the rich traditions of Far Eastern culture. IGOR's designs transcend mere garments, evoking emotions that spring from a deep connection with nature.

  • Je M'Aime Boutique
  • Jean Marc Phillippe
  • Joseph Ribkoff

    Joseph Ribkoff

    Joseph Ribkoff designs classic and contemporary garments for fashion-forward women with a youthful state of mind. Each one of our carefully tailored pieces offers the effortless fashion, fit, and quality that we’ve been synonymous with for over 60 years.

  • Junge


    Founded by Bent Junge, a passionate entrepreneur and pioneer in ready-made clothing, Junge boasts a rich heritage rooted in a deep love for design and women's fashion. The Junge legacy continued with Christian Junge, who, inspired by his father's vision, embarked on a fashion education journey in 1986. Beginning as a sales assistant at Andersen's Damefrakker in Guldsmedegade, Aarhus, he later honed his skills as an apprentice in a sewing room and eventually evolved into a designer. In 1987, Christian took his expertise to Hong Kong, further enriching the Junge family's commitment to the world of fashion. Today, Junge stands as a testament to a family's enduring dedication to the art of clothing design and craftsmanship.

  • Kokomarina


    Kokomarina expertly crafts its designs akin to intricate geometric shapes, blending complexity with refinement to create irresistibly desirable pieces. The brand revitalizes and elevates fashion's codes through the use of jacquards and plain materials. Founded by Antoine Coelenbier, Kokomarina's creations bear the enduring mark of an eternal style, distinguishing the collection with supremely comfortable fabrics and exquisite colors. The brand's aesthetic, balancing urban sophistication with timeless appeal, imparts an effortlessly charming and irresistible essence. Kokomarina epitomizes a magical fusion, seamlessly intertwining ease and attitude in its creations.

  • Lili La Tigresse
  • Marie la Lune

    Marie la Lune

    Marie la Lune, the brand known for its specialization in women's ready-to-wear in Evian-les-Bains, offers a delightful array of fashion choices. Their newly collection presents a diverse selection featuring an extensive range of ready-to-wear clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, and hats.

  • Mat


    MAT Fashion, a trailblazer for over four decades, champions body positivity and inclusivity, transcending size restrictions to celebrate the beauty of women in all their diversity. Founded in 1987 by Marianthi and Giorgos Monedas, this Greek fashion powerhouse has consistently adorned women in sizes 48 to 58 with modern outfits that accentuate curves and amplify unique personalities. MAT Fashion's rich legacy and pioneering spirit have solidified its position as a leader in Greece's plus-size fashion landscape. Today, MAT reemerges to empower MAT fashionistas, offering them a blend of uniqueness, femininity, comfort, and authenticity. The brand's former motto, "Free Yourself" and "Real Size," evolves into the tagline: "Charismatic Life," as MAT Fashion introduces capsule collections designed for all women, inviting them to embrace a charismatic life and redefine the total look. For charismatic, inspiring individuals who radiate confidence and proudly showcase their unique beauty, MAT Fashion is the embodiment of style and self-expression.

  • Michael Tyler

    Michael Tyler

    Since 1997, the remarkable team at Michael Tyler has been dedicated to crafting comfortable and accessible contemporary clothing. With a penchant for sourcing unique and creative fabrics, often from Europe, the Michael Tyler collection is artfully designed to offer an endless array of combinations suitable for any occasion. Their commitment to versatility and quality ensures that each piece exudes both style and comfort, inviting wearers to effortlessly adapt their fashion for any event or setting.

  • Neon Buddha

    Neon Buddha

    Neon Buddha, recognized for its dedication to effortlessly versatile fashion, presents a brand where comfort meets style, offering pieces equally fitting for the work-from-home routine, leisurely strolls, or evening outings. Infused with special details inspired by global cultures, their designs seamlessly combine comfort and quality fabrics that adapt to every moment of the day. With Neon Buddha, one is always prepared, whether embracing the beauty of nature, cherishing moments with loved ones, or stepping out for a night on the town. What sets Neon Buddha apart is their commitment to unique elements, such as buttons handcrafted by artisans in South-East Asia and distinctive patterns inspired by the allure of Monaco nights, ensuring that each piece sparks a conversation and celebrates individuality.

  • Oh My Gauze!

    Oh My Gauze!

    You will find the Oh My Gauze!® clothing line to be the finest in the industry. All styles are specifically designed and manufactured with 100% cotton for Oh My Gauze!® The clothing is completely washable, will not shrink and best of all, no ironing is necessary. All our cotton gauze is breathable and nearly maintenance free.

  • Oopera
  • Parsley & Sage

    Parsley & Sage

    Founded in 1995, Parsley & Sage embarked on a mission to empower women through products that radiate quality and value, fostering beauty and confidence. As they stride into the second decade of the new millennium, Parsley & Sage remains steadfastly committed to this principle. Unveiling two fresh collections annually, catering to women of all sizes, from Missy sizes S-XL to Plus sizes 1X-3X, Parsley & Sage operates on the simple belief that their success is intricately tied to their customers' well-being. Their entire team, from the exceptional Customer Care Department to the esteemed Production Staff and knowledgeable Sales Force, is dedicated to ensuring your success and ultimate satisfaction. Parsley & Sage goes beyond following fashion trends; they actively listen to women's voices, understanding their aspirations for appearance and feeling. Their mission isn't to redefine today's women but to showcase that today's women continually redefine the world. These women inspire Parsley & Sage's daily endeavors, and the brand embraces their essence with enthusiasm and affection.

  • Picadilly


    Picadilly, a Canadian fashion brand with a 40-year history, is celebrated for its dedication to timeless and versatile clothing, catering to confident women worldwide. With a signature style that blends rich colors, intriguing textures, and innovative fabric treatments, Picadilly seamlessly transitions from home to the world outside. Founded by Jacob Dombrowsky in Toronto's Fashion District, the brand maintains its commitment to quality, with over 90% of its pieces made in Canada, enabling stringent quality control and adaptability to new developments. Combining modern design methods like Computer Assisted Design (CAD) with traditional craftsmanship, Picadilly's journey from a small operation to an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility reflects their focus on providing value and exceptional service, resulting in international acclaim for their enduring commitment to women's fashion.

  • Prima Donna
  • Shannon Passero

    Shannon Passero

    Shannon Passero Design, led by owner Shannon Passero, carries a legacy of almost two decades in the fashion industry. With a distinguished career as the co-founder, creative director, and designer of renowned women's clothing brands such as Pure Handknit (established in 1998) and Neon Buddha (launched in 2006), Shannon Passero's innovative designs have graced the covers of prestigious catalogues like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, featured on TV programs like Celebrity Apprentice and City Line, and found a place in over 2,500 upscale specialty stores spanning North America, Europe, and Australia. Commitment to ethical work standards has always been central to Passero's approach, making her brands an influential force in the world of fashion.

  • Sympli


    Sympli, a brand that understands that your style is a narrative of your individuality, crafts versatile pieces to authentically express your unique fashion sensibilities. Just like you, they're always exploring, pushing boundaries, and not always conforming to conventions. Their designs are a reflection of the ever-evolving woman, confidently revealing her true self to the world, with a timeless yet edgy flair.

    Sympli celebrates all women and their confident self-expression, drawing inspiration from refined and playful simplicity. They meticulously design beautiful garments with unexpected details that effortlessly drape in all the right places, whether it's a refined, eye-catching hem or a striking silhouette. These pieces become the foundation of a wardrobe, with artful twists that transform them from mere clothing into cherished favorites. Sympli offers timeless style with unexpected details, emphasizing that no one else is quite like you, and nothing else is quite like Sympli.

  • Talia Benson
  • Trisha Tyler

    Trisha Tyler

    Trisha Tyler embodies a fusion of chic and elegant style tailored for today's modern woman. Offering an exquisite and versatile brand of affordable luxury, Trisha Tyler caters to the multi-faceted needs of contemporary women, delivering sophisticated and effortlessly wearable fashion. Their clothing exudes style sensibility, featuring easy-to-wear silhouettes characterized by superlative craftsmanship and quality. As they expand their horizons, Trisha Tyler remains unwaveringly committed to their mission of providing timeless elegance and effortless style to discerning fashion enthusiasts.

  • Ulla Popken
  • Yesta


    Yesta, derived from the styling, fabrics, and prints of Yest, caters to stylish and self-assured women who embrace fashion without size limitations. Similar to Yest, Yesta introduces six fresh collections annually, alongside a comprehensive and dependable basic collection. Their offerings extend from sizes 44 to 60, ensuring inclusivity and style for women of diverse sizes.

  • Zaan


    ZAÄN is the creative culmination of Quebec designer Sophie Paquette's desire, through each garment, to showcase women in all their simplicity.

    The collections are made up of versatile garments, perfect for travel and leisure, but also for everyday life.

    Proudly made in Quebec by a small team of enthusiasts, the ZAÄN collections offer versatile garments perfect for travel and leisure, as well as for everyday life.

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